Indland: Vilje til forandring

A new dawn

The world’s most modern slaughterhouse early one morning in January 2009. Just before daybreak. Just before the first pigs arrive to be slaughtered.

The supply of pigs is the foundation for Danish Crown’s activities, and therefore competitive prices for the company’s owners are absolutely essential.


Clear plans for the future

Danish Crown’s members supply raw materials to the company daily. Pigs, sows and cattle constitute the Group’s most important resources.


DC meat for royal christening

Marsk Lamb from Danish Crown was on the menu when 140 guests sat down to celebrate the christening of the new baby prince in Møgeltønder in southern Jutland.


Approved for export to the USA

People are making a big effort at the factories. The employees should be praised for all their hard work. This is what Bent Aalund Olsen, head of Danish Crown’s food safety department, said after the Americans had inspected six factories in July.

We have a joint task and a shared responsibility

-Kjeld Johannesen | CEO

We have a joint task and a shared responsibility. And we can only see the task through if we believe in it. Reducing Danish Crown’s payroll costs by 20 per cent per kilogramme represents a huge challenge. But we have come a quarter of the way, and I feel confident we can achieve our goal with the rest. You have to think what the alternative is.

Five deaf employees have had the silence broken at their workplace.
udland: danish crown i hele verden

Danish Crown strong in Sweden

Danish Crown has always had good sales and a reasonable level of business with the Swedes. The country is close to Denmark, and Swedish consumers are good customers who demand almost the same products as their Danish neighbours.

debat: et ejerskab med værdier

Serving science

Four doctors and researchers from Aarhus University Hospital stand around the patient trying to generate imbalances in the heart. Or a defect which they can then treat. The patient is a pig, but for the heart specialist Steen Buus Kristiansen it is not the first time that he is performing an operation on one for the sake of research.

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Job: den globale arbejdsplads

DC employees to Russia

Nine Danish Crown employees are heading for the Russian city of Belgorod 800 km south of Moscow to help provide Danish know-how for a brand new Russian pig slaughterhouse.

Kultur: det gode kød

Possibly the best beef in the world

A stone’s throw from Kongens Nytorv lies one of the city’s hottest restaurants. At the address Bredgade 20, ‘MASH’ can be seen in large letters above the door. Some people may come to think of the American TV series of the same name, but then it was an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

Udland: prognose for de syv markeder